Saturday, May 16, 2015

ICOC Wash DC Aug 2015 Should you go?

The ICOC or International Conference on Oriental Carpets is the most important and prestigious event in the field of Antique Oriental Rugs. The biggest names in the field of Oriental Rugs come together for Presentations, a Dealers Fair, all sorts of Events plus Fellowship and Networking with the most prominent names in Oriental Rugs.

A Bergama Yastik

Why should this be important to an Oriental Rug Washer?

The more you know about rugs the more your customers will rust you. The more you know and understand Great Oriental Rugs the more likely customers are to trust you with their very best rugs. When you mention a rug you saw at ICOC your customer will see you as a rug expert rather than some glorified Carpet Cleaner or Janitor.

When your customer does not respect they are far more resistant to your prices and services.  When they say that price is more than I want to spend they are really saying that they do no think YOU are worth it.

Attending the ICOC is like taking University level courses in Antique Oriental Rugs.

ICOC 1986: Antique oriental carpets from Austrian collections Important ICOC-exhibition catalogue
Conference proceedings are regularly turned into scholarly books that appeal to the Collector Community. When you set one of these in your customer area you will be astounded by the reaction when you mentioned you attended.

Alberto Borilevi, Wendel Swan, and Bruce Baganz
The best and the brightest scholars and collectors attend. It is a chance to rub elbows with men like Italian scholar Alberto Boralevi, American collector Wendel Swan Chair, Executive Committee of the ICOC and Textile Museum Chairman of the Board Bruce Baganz along with many others. 

The Cadle small Bakhtiyari Gabbeh
One of the hardest things to learn about Oriental Rugs is why is one rug worth $1,000 and another rug not all that different is worth $100,000. This conference will give you an understanding and perspective into the magic of great rugs. Knowledge that your customers will perceive and respond to.

Attending ICOC is a Investment in your Future!

The 13th ICOC Conference will be held in Washington DC from 6 – 9 August 2015. This edition of these always popular Conferences is being held in collaboration with and in support of the new Textile Museum on the campus of George Washington University. Memorable events will include, among other events, a series of lectures produced by ICOC at GWU, special admission to the important opening exhibition that fills the new museum, a reception, other exhibitions in and around Washington, access to The Textile Museum's new conservation and storage facilities and a post-Conference tour to Philadelphia and New York City.

Details and registration for the Conference will begin April 1, 2015. However, there will be a limitation on the numbers of registrants. Special hotel packages and extraordinarily favorable rates are being arranged. A Carpet Fair will be separately organized.