Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rug Chick Lisa Wagner Announces New Training

Rug expert Lisa Wagner and fine fabric expert Jim Pemberton have collaborated on a new training program to develop the next generation of textile specialists in those respective fields.
This program was quietly announced to the readers of Lisa’s Rug Chick blog, and 40 companies were chosen from more than 125 applying companies from across the US, Canada, and UK vying for a spot in this first group of graduates.
“We have a serious deficit in specialists in the fields of rug and fine fabric care because the current training model in our industry is broken. This is our way of fixing this problem through a multi-faceted training process,” shared Jim.
The Textile Pro program is a three phase training process that expands over six months incorporating on-line basic textile training, in-person advanced training, as well as strategic marketing, busi development, and technical support.
Lisa added, “Becoming a rug pro is way beyond taking a sit-down class and passing a scantron test. It’s a combination of truly understanding this craft from the ground floor up, not just technically but also from a business standpoint. What good is getting a patch on your sleeve if it is not bringing jobs through the door? Our plan is to create not just another group of rug cleaners, but the next group of highly successful Textile Pros who are the best in their region.”
The next group of Textile Pro companies will be chosen as the first group finishes their curriculum in January 2012. For more information about the Textile Pro program, you can visit