Monday, December 5, 2011

The New RugBadger Cub Contest Ends

Dusty Roberts announced that his new mini RugBadger has a new name. In a contest with hundreds of entries 30 people suggested the name RugBadger Cub. In a special Fly-Off to select the winner of a new RugBadger Cub Michael Smith was selected as the Grand Prize winner.

The RugBadger Cub was an outgrowth of input from industry leaders particularly the Rug Chick Lisa Wagner. Lisa felt strongly that there was a need for a smaller, lighter, quieter and less expensive RugBadger. To best meet the needs of Rug Washers Dusty listened to the advice and came up with the new machine. On Lisa’s advice plans to name the machine after Lisa were set aside opening the need for the naming contest.

Rumor has it that another company that considers RugBadger their R&D department is on the brink of inventing a compact rug duster. In some cases imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, other times it is just annoying.

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