Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Power of a Thank You

I have a lot of respect for Howard Partridge but I have to tell you we have never been close.  We got off to a rough start. Howard didn’t return a phone call and as all my friends know I am petty, thin-skinned and have the biggest ego on the Internet. So rather than be gracious about it I had to, as my Daddy used to say, poke Howard with a sharp stick. Now it wasn't a real stick but I had to tease Howard a little. It was not very kind or mature on my part but what the heck I can be a real stinker sometimes.
But the problem with Howard is despite teasing him a little I have to admit he is the real deal. So I try to be honest with people that if you do what Howard says you will make money. When it comes to business coaches the two big ones in Carpet Cleaning are Howard Partridge and Joe Polish.  They compliment each other.  By that I mean they are different styles and very different approaches. But if you work the system each one will make money for you. Which one is better? That comes down to you. Listen to each and see which style suits your personality
Howard is a Christian and so am I so that is a plus in my case but I also know some folks shy away from him for that reason. So if you think being washed in the blood of the Lamb sounds sticky Howard might not be your guy. On the other hand if you like Zig Ziglar Howard is definitely your guy.  Howard is very much in the Zigler style and they have worked together. Howard is also closely associated with John Maxwell. As a theologian that guy drives me crazy but as a business coach Maxwell is well thought of.
So in my long winded and somewhat stuffy style what I am really trying to say is: Sorry Howard for poking you with a sharp stick.
So for the rest of you let me explain why I am filled with remorse at my shameless teasing of Howard. It is the power of a Thank You. I include an email thread where Howard sent me a note of thanks. You see Howard neutralized me with his small note. It was a kind act and as a human I get called to account by the natural law of reciprocity. Howard was nice so now I have to be nice. As a master of persuasion Howard knows that the best way to deal with a pain the neck like me is to try a little kindness. So next time you want to tell that other fellow to go pound sand DON”T. Look for a chance to try a little kindness first. You may find that a Thank you can be more powerful than poking someone with a sharp stick.

From: Howard Partridge <>
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Thanks man!

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On Apr 21, 2012, at 7:23 PM, "Barry OConnell" <> wrote:
I was just telling someone today that if they work your system they will make money. I hope i don't offend you but I tell people that you and Polish are like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Pick the flavor you like and then do what you tell them to do. Thanks for helping so many people to realize their dreams.
Best wishes,

From: Howard Partridge <>
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 4:17 PM
Subject: Thank you

Hey Barry,

A lady found me because of your blog and came to my workshop in Houston.

Just wanted to say thanks for that!

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