Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Rug Tour in August is in Pittsburgh

Our Rug Tour this August is in Pittsburgh. It is a worry that people I care about are saying that they are going to our event in Hollywood.  We have no association with that other event.  
First of all the crew from RugLovers College on ProCleanersNetwork Wednesday night, Dusty Roberts, Paul Lucas, and myself BarryO’Connell are having the “go to” rug event in Pittsburgh.  

If you want PowerPoints and Videos in a Hotel Ballroom this is not your event. If you want top experts in a hands on format in a real rug repair facility then you want Pittsburgh. 
Barry O'Connell
PS. Experts include George Bell, Wade Shehady, Lisa Wagner, Mike Reed, Lynn Tall, Mark Kennedy, the Wednesday night regulars and too many more to list.