Friday, November 16, 2012

Build a Better Spinner and the World Will…

Congratulations to Dusty Roberts on the big increase in equipment sales especially Centrifuge sales.  The new ad campaign featuring a comparison between the Rug Badger spinner and the lesser machines is really drawing interest. But Dusty has a secret weapon in the Spinner Wars, Dusty doesn't just tell people to ask the man who owns one he tells people to ask the guys that own the other brand. Dusty has a growing number of Blue Guys who are telling prospects that they bought the wrong machine.
What I don’t get is why the blue guys don’t focus on making their spinner as good as the Rug Badger.  It would make more sense to fix the rust problems and the speed deficiencies then throwing it all away to focus on reviving the ancient green brand.  Dusty keeps marching into the future while blue looks for business miracles in the past. Did you see their Tumbler, Where are you going with 100 year old technology?

I think Dusty keeps his eye on the ball and invests back into building better equipment. He believes that R&D is more important that sucking money out of the business to buy mid-life crisis convertibles.

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