Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doug’s Rug Spa State College Williamsport Lewisburg Danville

One of the best Oriental Rug Cleaners in the country is in the country in more ways than one is Doug Moerschbacher of Doug’s Rug Spa in Pleasant Gap Pa. A tiny rural town of only 2,800 people Pleasant Gap in an hour west of Williamsport and close to State College. Despite living in a small town Doug has become one of the most technically advanced rug washers in the country. 
Over the last 10 years cleaning fine hand woven area rugs has changed drastically. For years old time cleaners would wash rugs and make the surface look great but the greatest cause of wear is grit in the foundation. Much like pouring sand into your car’s oil the grit and fine particulate matter in the foundation are the real reason why rugs wear out. Doug has added the equipment to remove the grit from you area rug’s foundation. By using the State of The Art Rug Badger Doug is able to do what older style shops could only dream of.
While grit is the main cause of wear the main reason why consumers in America bring their rugs to be washed is Pet Odor and Pet Accidents. These accidents, usually urine contamination, are not a serious problem while it is still damp it becomes more of a problem every day that it sits. It starts in a mildly acidic state but as it dries and ages it turns increasingly alkaline. High Alkalinity can severely damage rugs and even damages the dye that makes your rug so attractive. By oscillating your rug up to 43,000 times per minute Doug is able to break up the damaging urine salt crystals. Then with highly advanced cleaning solution Doug can return the rug to its normal pH range and dissolve the remaining salt crystals. These salt crystals are what off-gasses the nasty Pet Odor smell.  
Moerschbacher is not content to just be good he constantly drives to be the best. Doug recently bought a top of the line Rug Centrifuge. To the best of my knowledge Doug's Rug Spa is the first company in Pennsylvania to add a heavy duty high speed centrifuge to their shop. Without getting too technical the ability to do high speed extraction of water combined with flush rinsing Doug is able to do the best job much faster than any other PA shop. I also see the work Doug puts in on learning the latest technology.
For these and other reasons I am very proud to have Doug Moerschbacher as an associate of the Academy of Oriental Rugs.