Thursday, March 21, 2013

My area is too poor, too small, too competitive

 Whine, whine, whine I hear it all the time: “My customers will never pay that” or “maybe in a big city but not in my area”.  It gets real old after a while and every time somebody starts with the excuses I know the odds are overwhelmingly that the excuse is bogus. What they are really saying is they don’t know how to make it work or they lack the confidence to try. Let us look at some of the examples

My area is too small to support a Rug Cleaner. Try telling that to Doug Moerschbacher he lives and works in Pleasant Gap Pa with a population of 2,879. Doug is succeeding in rural North Central Pennsylvania in a county of only 154,722 people. He also did it recently against stiff competition. Another small market success story is Scott Kentfield. He lives and works in Travers City MI the largest city in the 21-county Northern Michigan region with a population of only 14,674. Success anywhere takes hard work but population is not a limiting factor for most people.

My area is too poor to support a Rug Cleaner. Scott and Doug do not live in affluent high income areas but they do not have it nearly as tough as George Bell. George is from Jackson Mississippi the poorest city of its size in the USA but the suburbs are the 8th poorest in the country.  So can an 80% black very low income city support a rug Washer? No, it can support two and both of them eat regularly. Business is so good that George just put in his second centrifuge. But George Bell’s success is not enough to hold back Terry Wetzel’s business. The relative wealth or lack of it is not the limiting factor for most people.

My area is too competitive to support another Rug Cleaner. Big established Rug Cleaning plants that dominate an area are not to be feared. Remember Doug Moerschbacher? When Doug started there were two well established rug washers in his area. Doug is now #1 in his market and he is more expensive than all his competition.  Going up against the 3rd generation well financed well established behemoth is a great way to go. But don’t try to undercut they will eat you alive. Charge more, sometimes a lot more than they charge.

All his sounds counter intuitive to most people. What we have done in RugLover Marketing is to short cut the process and save you 10 or 20 years of trial and error. George Bell has spent his life building a great business. But guys like Doug Moerschbacher, Anthony Belmonte and others have short cut the process and are building best in class business in record time. 500% growth is possible and if you do the plan and really work it is a very realistic goal. If you want to charge far more than your competition, wash more for greater profits and see explosive growth you are our kind of cleaner.
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