Friday, April 12, 2013

The Value of the Rug Hub

When you need advice on Rug Cleaning the Rug Hub group on FaceBook is a great resource. Just this morning I saw a question and answer:

Victor M. Franco asked: 
How do you clean hemp rugs?

Paul Lucas replied: 
 Hi Victor.  I will give you a quick "how to" list; 
#1 inspect for browning, shrinkage, weak structural integrity, water marks.
 #2 Have release form signed. #3 dust or vacuum. 
#4 apply diluted Rug Soure solution front and back. 
#5 apply Sublime solvent (if heavy soil) from and back. 
#6 Shampoo with Cotton Rug Shampoo, front and back.
 #7 Rinse with Cotton Rug Rinse and cold water. 
#8 Extract or centrifuge to remover all possible water. 
#9 Flat dry face down with air movers blowing across back. 
#10 Optional - After rug is dry, Tea Dye to even out the final look. Hope this helps.

The feeling of brotherhood is very apparent in the Rug Hub. Men and women coming together to help each other, I am glad to be a part of it.