Tuesday, July 2, 2013

18 years of work is not enough!

18 years of work is not enough!
For 18 years I have been online on the Internet helping people to grasp Rug ID. Everything from message boards to videos to FaceBook to live seminars. Recently I heard someone knocking my 18 years of work as not enough. Forget the fact that the vast majority has been given to all mankind for free they felt it was not enough. That is OK, I still love them and am not offended. But it made me realize that maybe I need to pull together all the resources to make them easier to use.  I also realized that since I never tried to monetize my Rug ID help I never even signed much of it. I am not in this for glory or for thanks, I just want to help people so since my critics felt I did not do enough I would do a little more.
To help identify the Rug ID resources I created a NEW BLOG called RUGLOVER ID. It will take time to post everything but as I post I see it as a learning tool for all my friends.
Barry O’Connell