Friday, August 23, 2013

Barry O'Connell's 2013 Las Vegas RugLovers Tour

Barry O'Connell's 2013 Las Vegas RugLovers Tour
Guaranteed to be Phenomenal with Howard Partridge speaking on Rugs.

The Rug Gallery Tour
A RugLovers Tour would not be complete without a private tour of a Rug Gallery.
This time we have made arrangements with NW Galleries of Las Vegas – a 16,000 sq ft. rug gallery containing over 3000 area rugs of all descriptions.
During our time at NW Galleries you can expect to learn about…
·         Review of dozens of different types of rugs, from the low end tufted to synthetic rugs, from sea grass all the way up to fabulous hand woven antiques worth 10′s of thousands of dollars
·         Advanced rug identification
·         Rug prescriptions for the challenge modern rugs that can go bad very quickly
·         Custom matching rugs with the appropriate cleaning process
·         How to charge a higher price for cleaning than your competition and still get your client’s approval and smile
Great teachers Like Doug Heiferman center with tie at the last Tour

The Seminars
·         How To Make More Money Cleaning Less Rugs. This unique presentation will introduce you to the incredible money making power behind pre-inspections.
·         Putting Your Dream to the Test: The 10 questions that will help you to see it and then seize it. Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. Put Your Dream To the Test takes your dream from ethereal to achievable. Learn how to crystallize your vision and galvanize your commitment.
·         The 500 Club. This is your opportunity to learn ALL the secrets of their success. They’ll be conducting small group sessions to reveal the step-by-step methods they used so you can duplicate their results for yourself.
·         Marketing sessions with Stephen “Dusty” Roberts and Barry O’Connell. Discover the marketing secrets Dusty Roberts developed over a 10 year period that you can use to DOMINATE the area rug cleaning market in your city – NO MATTER who your competition is.
·         HOW TO safely deal with rugs that bleed like stuck pigs and HOW TO simply remove pet urine from any rug without damaging it.
·         Hands-on rug identification.
·         Rug prescriptions for the challenge modern rugs that can go bad very quickly.
·         Match Game: Which cleaning process works best for which rug?
·         How to charge a higher price for cleaning than your competition and still get your client’s approval and smile.
·         How to set up a profitable low budget rug cleaning facility WITHOUT using any expensive equipment.
·         The secrets of how Bill Pinckard became the #1 rug care expert in Las Vegas after building it from the ashes of his failed restoration company.
We have EXTENDED the Barry O’Connell Vegas RugLovers program from a 2 day event to an “optional” 5 day event and it won’t cost you a dime more!
No kidding, the “official” days are for the 2 and 3 of September and it is chock full of powerful speakers and lessons that will make you more money.
BUT now we’ve added a full range of speakers to the RugBadger “hands-on, boots-on” (HOBO) rug washing presentation area of “The Experience” Trade Show.
The GREAT news is that attending “The Experience” Trade Show costs you nothing and we have a full list of powerful speakers and presentations for every hour of the tradeshow!
Check out this list of speakers and presentations we have lined up for extended RugLovers Tour at “The Experience” RugBadger rug washing pavilion!
More Programs and Classes and Great Cleaners like Cathan Koets

§  Howard Partridge – Marketing
§  Ivan Turner – Marketing
§  Doug Heiferman – Using a Brush Pro in a pit full of water safely
§  Doug Heiferman – Bleeders
§  Doug Heiferman – Wool Protector for Fun and Profit
§  Randal Halvorson and Nathan Koets – Fire damaged Rugs
§  Jan Sandler – Problem Solving as a Marketing Tool
§  Nathan Koets – Advanced Centrifuge Technique
§  Shawn Bisaillon – To be announced
§  Ruth Travis – To be announced
§  Nathan Koets and Paul Lucas – Making Fringe look Amazing
§  Doug Moerschbacher – Smart Rug Washing
 So there you have it. An extended program and it’s all at the same hotel with the same great rate.

Come for the RugLovers Tour
but stay for The Experience!