Monday, October 28, 2013

MORE by Barry O'Connell

My new Wednesday Night video talk show is called “MORE”. It is dedicated to the concept of MORE. More on rugs, More on top quality rug cleaning, More on building your business and More on Authority Marketing. For our target audience it is about the Three Ms; MAKEING MORE MONEY!
I loved the old Wednesday night program that Dusty, Paul, Nathan and others had fashioned. But in many ways it had its limitations. There were too many rules.  Dan Dahlion saw the program as a profit making opportunity for him. That is fine since PCN is his, but we missed many guests because Danno wanted $175 to $300 from guests to be on the show. But I wanted something MORE. My goal is to put the Rugs and the Rug washers first. I want to be able to pick topics and invite guests solely on the basis of what is best for the audience.

With that in mind I created my own show where I can do what I want when I want. Reaching back to the early days on PCN I was excited to get D. Scott Kentfield to come on and help get the show started. Because the Google platform is much more richly featured and stable we can much more with videos. With PCN we had to save videos at the lowest possible resolution just to play on PCN and even then it was hit or miss. Now we can play any video on YouTube or just about anywhere else.  We will also have much better slide presentations. With PCN we could only use less than half of the screen so resolution was a big problem and the speaker running the slides could only see parts of his own presentation. By going to a two hour show we can split things up and cover a wider range of guests and topics.