Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oriental Rug Repair: Painting Rugs

In Rug Washing of Oriental Rugs a crucial first step in the pre-inspection. No rug washer should ever start on a rug until they know what they are getting into. It is at this step that problems in the rug become apparent. Since not all washers are also restorers I am reviewing common restoration techniques that every rug washer should be familiar with. I am also trying to explain some of the pertinent considerations:

Painting Rugs
There comes a point in the life of many rugs where it is so worn that it passes the point where the cost of normal repair is justified. A last technique to prolonging the life of a dying run is to paint the color in where the pile has worn away. It is not really paint the normal coloring agent is “Topically Applied Field Dyes”. They actually look like Magic Markers and it is not unusual to go into a repair shop and see workers coloring rug muck like children drawing in art class. I only recommend painting a rug when it is a choice of painting the rug or throwing it away.