Monday, July 9, 2012

Pittsburgh with People who can Teach Me Something.

One of the best parts of the Pittsburgh RugLovers Tour is the people. Some of the very best people in the business including Mike Reed, Lisa Wagner, Paul Lucas, Nathan Koets, Mark Kennedy, Anthony and Shannon Belmonte, Doug and Amanda Moresbacher, Jan Sandler and others. Many are good friends but some will be newbies. One of the newbies is one of the oldest and best established hand washers in the country. It is quite an honor to have George Bell of Jackson Mississippi coming to the tour. George is said to be one of the busiest if not the busiest hand washers in the country. I really want to talk to George; he grew up in a Moore plant, switched to Ausheralian and now runs two Rug Badger Rug Revolution Centrifuges just to keep up with the work load in his plant. George is the only dual centrifuge rug washing plants in the country. So I want to know how a semi-rural small market cleaner can live the dream that eludes most major market cleaners.
That is the thing about the RugLovers Tour; we pull together the best and the brightest and make them available to the group. I know a bit about rugs but it is exciting to me that there will be so many people on the Tour who can teach me something.