Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smalltown Service in the Big City - Interlink

People Who Really Care About Cleaners

Saturday morning I needed a little Microban X590. So when I need supplies I think Interlink. It the Baltimore area the Interlink Supply is the former Cleaners Closet. I didn’t know if they are open Saturdays so I called and got a machine. Since it was just after 8 I called back at 8:30. This time I listened and the hours are Monday thru Friday. So I called a friend and borrowed a little. With that I promptly put Interlink Supply out of my mind. So you can imagine my surprise when my phone rang and it was Kim from Interlink Supply. The store was closed but she had a little work to do so she was in the office. She explained that she saw that I had called and wanted to see if she could help. I explained that I was OK and I thanked her for caring enough to check.

Kim didn't know me so this was not special treatment. This is the level of care they extend to all their customers. In my experience Interlink means quality, good prices and great service.  Now I know Interlink Supply by Cleaners Closet  means service beyond any expectations that I had.

Interlink Supply by Cleaners Closet 796 Cromwell Park Drive Glen Burnie, MD 21061(410) 761-9283cleaner