Sunday, October 14, 2012

The New York RugLovers Tour 2012

The New York RugLovers Tour is a mix of seeing some of the most amazing textiles in the country, and some of the most powerful rug business training in the industry. Its fun and profit all rolled up into a "can't miss" event November 30 - December 2.
Friday we start the day with an adventure through the magical world of New York's Rug District. Barry O'Connell and the Academy of Oriental Rugs literally rolls out the red carpet to take you behind the scenes to some of the most savvy rug merchants and experts in the rug world today. Then we move over to the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art to experience one of the most important exhibits on tour in the nation, the Islamic Art Show. Barry shares the stories behind some of the most important works of textile art that comprise this priceless collection.

Saturday and Sunday are focused growing your rug business. Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner team up for the morning sessions on the "real dirt" on building a wildly successful rug care company. No fluff in these sessions, it is all tactical, practical, and profitable consulting on how the best in this business got there, and what you need to do to get there too. Everyone will walk away with a clear action plan for transforming their rug business. The afternoon sessions delve into marketing training and panels on best practices from rug business owners from across the nation.
BONUS SESSIONS: RugLover Coaching and marketing with Barry O'Connell and Dusty Roberts
Do you have the dream to grow a fun and profitable rug care business? Have you already figured out that one of the biggest hurdles is not HOW TO CLEAN or even HOW TO SET UP YOUR RUG CARE STUDIO? Have you figured out that the biggest hurdles for almost everyone getting into this lucrative niche is in fact HOW TO GET people to trust you with their fine (and even not so fine rugs)!
Here is the good news. Barry and Dusty will be doing Hands-On RugLover coaching sessions with you in NYC and will dig deep into the 4 most important profit drivers for your rug care business and YOU WILL make your own action plan to take home and plug into your dream business and grow the business that will make you proud!
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for behind the scenes access to some breath-taking oriental rug viewing, some high-level business development training, incredible networking with a large group of passionate rug care company owners, and a chance to experience one of the greatest cities in the US.

Dates: November 30 - December 2
Recommended Hotel: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Newark Airport
128 Frontage Road
Newark, NJ 07114
RESERVATIONS AT (800) 222-8733

Closest Airport: Newark NJ
1st registration: $700 / 2nd: $350.00 / 3rd: $175
Special Alumni Rate $600/300/150 for any alumni who reserve your spot in October.

Call Jodi at 570-320-3282 today to register and for information on pricing if you are a RugLovers Alumni attendee.