Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Customers won’t Pay in Advance! Or will they?

Prepay or not to Prepay that is the question;

No way, flat out no, they won’t pay in advance were some of the arguments I got from one fellow I have been coaching for years. Today almost all of his customers Prepay. What is different now? Why do they happily Prepay when he was scared to ask them before?
Confidence is the answer! He finally got up the courage to go to Prepay and he found out that no one cared. Every once in a while a good customer will ask if they can pay on pickup but it usually has more to do with forgetting their wallet or some such thing. Then there is the very small percentage of not so good customers who bring in a marginal rug and they are not sure if it is worth cleaning. Prepay may discourage them but sadly shops that don’t ask for Prepay end up with customers rugs where the customer decided it is not worth paying for. On those abandoned rugs it is not just the loss of payment but then you are stuck with them and you also pay twice in the loss of storage space and the liability. You need to insure those unclaimed and slow claim rugs.

Benefits of Prepay:
You get your money upfront
People pick up their rugs quicker.
Less unclaimed rugs

Faster turnover means less liability in case of fire, flood, etc…